In 2015, OMAFRA chose OGWRI to administer the Research and Innovation Development (R&ID) portion of the Marketing Vineyard Improvement Program (MVIP).  The goal of the R&ID projects is to improve the quality, productivity and adaptability of grape and wine production by promoting innovative tools, technologies, resources, knowledge and information for grape growing and winemaking. 

 The following is a list of projects completed for Year 1: 

Assessment of geotextiles for use in winter injury reduction:

The use of geotextiles was assessed to determine if they are an appropriate alternative to burying vines in the winter. This project is being carried over into Year 2 in order to properly assess the effectiveness of the material. 

Full report will be available end of April

Spring assessment of winter injury

KCMS is collecting bud samples for Year 1 and Year 2 of MVIP. The sampling will help growers assess the level of damage to their grapevines and determine what adjustments need to be made to their pruning strategies. 

Click here for a full report for Year 1


The incidence of putative leafhopper vectors of grapevine red blotch disease in Ontario

A portion of this project was funded through MVIP. The goal of this project is to identify leafhopper species in Niagara, Prince Edward County, and south-western Ontario vineyards during the summer and fall of 2015 and to investigate the GRBaV vectoring ability of up to 5 leafhopper species. 

Full report available end of April


Evaluation and validation of existing grapevine cold hardiness models for Ontario

Jim Willwerth is working on cold hardiness modeling, which can allow growers to respond to the effects of changing climates throughout dormancy in order to allow for predictive solutions and real time responses. 

A project report will be available end of April



VineAlert provides growers with an invaluable tool in managing winter injurt mitigation strategies. 

A report will be available end of April. 


Weather Innovations

OGWRI has funded WIN in order to provide growers with access to real time weather information to assist in decision making for quality grape production.